NO.1 What is one way that IT benefits from implementing HPE Helion solutions?
A. HP Helion solutions deduce the need for server virtualization simplifying the data center.
B. IT can implement and manage one deployment model for all applications.
C. Helion solutions ensure data is stored on-premises, enhancing cloud security.
D. IT becomes an internal service provider, regaining control over the company's environment
Answer: D


NO.2 What type of stronge architecture do customers need in order to sport a private cloud or a
hybrid cloud solution?
A. One that is defined by the underlying hardware.
B. One that is flexible for different uses
C. On that is embedded with proprietary cloud management technologies.
D. On that is controlled by a dedicated storage management interface.
Answer: A


NO.3 You are meeting with a customer who wants to gain a competitive advantage by making his
company's data center more agile. Which question helps you validate the opportunity for selling HPE
networking solutions to this customer?
A. Have you thought about software-defined networking (SON) and the benefits it will bring to your
B. How do you ensure constant performance tor variable workloads?
C. How do you define good utilization and manage your utilization capacity?
D. What is your disaster recovery (DR) strategy tor critical apps?
Answer: A


NO.4 You have been talking to a customer about protecting the company's digital assets. You want to
see if the customer would also be interested in HPE workplace productivity solutions. Which question
would you ask to move the conversation to workplace productivity?
A. What are your plans for helping IT move to a new strategic role as a line of business partner?
B. Where will you be adding infrastructure to accommodate growth?
C. How much of your business-critical data is exchanged and stored in your email system
D. Are stringent security measures making your employees less productive?
Answer: C

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